Woodland Trail:

Lighting Reel

RT Renderer: Unreal Engine 4
LUT: Photoshop CS4
Editing: Shotcut
Responsible for: Lighting Only(unless otherwise noted)
Special Thanks: Scott Knapp for feedback
Commentary: These pieces are made with open world assets from Epic. I created 3 lighting scenarios and lit the level based on reference I picked out. I started with a grey pass to establish values, then moved the initial setups to each scenario and introduced indirect lights + GI to fill in the dark areas. The fps for this scene is low due to high settings during render. The lighting for this is baked, but there was a few dynamic lights added for additional fill.

Problems: Matching underexposed reference, not fully understanding mood. Rendering in sequencer. Instanced foilage showing up too dark in all scenarios. Creating shaping on certain elements in the level. Creating a consistent look across all scenarios. FPS for this is way too low at 17 to work in game but would be appropriate for a cinematic.